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Portable Power Packs (HiSpeed)

We are one of the finest manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Portable Power Packs (HiSpeed) from the state of Chang Hwa, Taiwan. The Portable Power Packs (HiSpeed) type is Polymer Li-Battery with the battery capacity of 5000mAh at 3.7V. There are two inputs as USB DC 5V/2.0A and DC Jack, 4.2V/6.0A and the output is of DC 5V/2.4A. There are safe protections measures already in Portable Power Packs (Hi-Speed) as over charge protection, over heat protection, short circuit protection, of power bank, etc.

Technical Specifications

Items Hi-Speed 50H-A Hi-Speed 50H-B Hi-Speed 50H-C
Type Polymer Li-battery Polymer Li-battery Polymer Li-battery
Capacity Battery: 5000mAh (3.7V) Bank 3000mAh (5.0V) Battery: 5000mAh (3.7V) Bank2400mAh (5.0V) Battery: 5000mAh (3.7V) Bank 2400mAh (5.0V)
Input USB DC 5V/2.0A DC Jack, 4.2V/6.0A USB DC 5V/2.0A
Output DC 5V/2.4A Max. DC 5V/2.4A Max. DC 5V/2.4A Max.
Cycles Over 500cycles Over 500cycles Over 1000cycles
Dimensions 120 x 74 x 10mm 120 x 74 x 15mm 120 x 74 x 15mm
In general safe protections
  • Over charge protection.
  • Over discharge protecdtion.
  • Over voltage protection. 
  • Over-current protection.
  • Over-heat protection.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Current Auto-shutdown.
  • Auto-adjusting charge-current depend on inter-temp. Of power bank.

Technical Features

Items LitSpeed 50H-A LitSpeed 50H-B LitSpeed 50H-C
Features Only 15 mm thickness Flash-Speed charge. Only 50 minutes to complete the charge of power bank itself Long battery life.
Explosion Proof of Battery The result of puncture test (Lithium- Polymer battery): No Fire, No Explosion
Advanced-Protection (in addition to general safe protections) Auto-adjusting charge-current depend on inter-temp. Of power bank
Power display 4 LED charge status indicator