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Portable Power Packs (BPA Type)

We are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Portable Power Packs (BPA Type) from the Chang Hwa state, Taiwan. The Portable Power Packs (BPA TYPE) can be charged at home and is used to jump start the car and can be used in digital cameras and mobile phones. The maximum current that is passed through is 200A at 3W. The power in of Portable Power Packs (BPA TYPE) is USB 5V/3A and power out of USB 5V/2A and that for jump start car at 12V/400A.


Features :

  • Can be used in digital cameras and mobile phones .
  • Charhing at home,

Size : 183.5*50*30(mm)

Max Current : 200A  3W

Led Lamp Power Out : 5V 2A (USB)  12V400A (FOR JUMP START CAR)

Power In : 5V3A (USB)

Battery: CHINA

Technical Specifications


Item No.


Battery Type



Battery Capacity

Suit for Gasoline Car



BPA-01 Li-Polymer
  • Fast charging 6 hours to fully charge.
  • Lightweigh. Battery life 3 years.
3.7V12000mA 12V4A 2500CC 0.36 KG